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Hydrogeologic Studies

Appalachia's hydrogeologic/geologic services include:
  • Groundwater flow & contaminant transport modeling,
  • Water supply studies & development,
  • Aquifer testing,
  • Well & spring source evaluations,
  • Well head protection assessments,
  • Fracture trace analysis,
  • Remote sensing & aerial photograph review,
  • Groundwater quality surveys,
  • Surface water quality & flow surveys,
  • Hydrogeologic data management,
  • Well, spring & surface water quality baseline assessments,
  • Hydrogeologic surveys in support of quarry development & expansion,
  • Evaluation of geologic hazards and
  • Borehole/shallow geophysical analyses.
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Project Examples
  • Chemical Manufacturing Plant – Designed a multi-layer, 3-dimensional MODFLOW groundwater model using equivalent porous media in bedrock for recovery well optimization, capture zone analysis and fate and transport of a chlorobenzene dissolved phase plume.
  • Industrial Facility - Conducted aquifer and groundwater tracer testing in anisotropic fractured bedrock, including the design and analyses of collected data for barometric, earth tide and river stage fluctuations and bedrock strike/dip, joint orientation, and spacing measurements.
Garth Llewellyn,
Jan 24, 2013, 1:26 PM