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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

All too often, environmental consultants utilize GIS for creating basic map overlays, but neglect its powerful data management and analysis capabilities.  Appalachia has a strong GIS background and strives to take full-advantage of this technology.  At Appalachia, GIS is used as a tool to manage and streamline our projects and services, conduct state-of-the art hydrogeologic and spatial data analyses and provide powerful results for our clients.

Appalachia has expertise and experience integrating GIS into a variety of projects including:
  • Spatial, environmental and hydrogeologic data management, analysis and integration into 3-D numerical groundwater flow models;
  • Management and display of hydrogeologic and environmental data for litigation support;
  • GIS analyses of hydrogeologic data for the selection of optimal locations for water supply development; and
  • Integration & analyses of remote sensing, hydrogeologic, aerial photographic and environmental data for environmental hazard assessments.
Project Examples
  • Superfund Site - Litigation support through GIS georeferencing and integration of historic aerial photographs with soil and water quality data for evaluating pollutant sources.
  • PRP Group - Litigation support through the development of a 3-D numerical groundwater flow model which was constructed via GIS integration of hydrogeologic and spatial data.  The completed project resulted in the settlement of a $150 million lawsuit that had spanned 20 years.